A bright modular mirror system
The Sevunscope allows astronomers to easily change mirrors and optical configurations
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Get a length ahead
The great versatility of the Sevunscope also lies in its ability to easily modify the focal length to best adapt to the desired mirrors specifications.
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Keep an eye on it
For the first time, it is not the astronomer who adapts to the telescope, but rather the telescope that adapts to the astronomer.
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Celestial and nomadic
The Sevunscope has been designed to be easily portable thanks to a simplified assembly/disassembly system…
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An alt-azimuth mount to get started just right
The Sevunscope is mounted on an alt-azimuth mount to provide simple and intuitive use.
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See Even Farther

SEVUN still has more surprises in store… new evolutions are coming very soon.

Equatorial mount and GOTO

At XXX, evolution is not limited to just optics. The mount and its motorized assistance will also soon be available.

On the road again

Because astronomy should be able to be practiced anywhere and in a simple manner, SEVUN is going to develop a transport bag to allow bringing your Sevunscope safely, wherever you go.

A faithful companion app

Equipping yourself properly is important to start, but being well accompanied is essential. That's why Sevun is developing the ideal digital companion to learn to read the sky, familiarize yourself with your equipment, benefit from personalized observation programs, and discover some additional surprises.

Get ready, you're not done evolving

We believe that evolution is a never-ending phenomenon. So, get ready to live a unique experience in the world of sky exploration with Sevun.
To innovate, you must experiment

The story begins when our two founders, Damien and Paul, decide to create a revolutionary télescope that will allow them to address the challenges they face in observing the sky.


The Sevun project is more than a télescope, it is also a community that enriches itself around a common passion.

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