The team

We are Paul-Gaël GHENO and Damien ROY, the co-founders of SEVUN, an innovative company that offers a unique solution for astronomy enthusiasts. We are excited to share our passion for astronomy and our experience in the field of technology with you.


Paul has been passionate about astronomy since childhood, he got several telescopes. He also has skills in project management and team coordination. In the spring of 2020, he wanted to upgrade to a larger telescope, but he observed that telescopes have static properties, which requires changing the entire setup with each hardware upgrade. He therefore felt that it was possible to do things differently.


On his side, Damien is a creative and ingenious technophile, passionate about 3D printing and having developed skills in object design and manufacturing. He has also developed skills in leading large-scale projects that combine research, development, and deployment to operational teams or cross-functional services.


By combining our skills, we decided to develop an innovative solution that would allow us to change only the bare essentials to upgrade to larger mirrors, without having to buy a whole new telescope. We thus built our own telescope that grows with our desires. We filed a patent for our invention with the INPI and decided to make our innovative solution available to astronomy enthusiasts like us.


Our expertise in project innovation, particularly in the evaluation of ideas and concepts and the efficient management of resources, has allowed us to develop a solution that meets the needs of astronomy enthusiasts. We are proud to share our passion with you and to offer you an innovative solution.


We hope that our story has inspired you and we are eager to introduce you to our solution. Thank you for your interest in SEVUN.


Paul-Gaël GHENO and Damien ROY, Co-founders of SEVUN


Damien Roy


Paul Gheno


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