The journey

The origins of an innovative project

  • spring 2020: Genesis of the idea

    Paul, who is passionate about astronomy, seeks to develop his equipment in order to further explore the deep sky and decides to turn to a Newtonian telescope with 250 or 300 mm aperture. However, he realizes that the options available in the market are static and limit progress. Paul senses that it is possible to do things differently. and hypothesizes a telescope with a primary mirror mount that is scalable from 150 to larger diameters.
    He talks about it to Damien who is passionate about 3D printing and who suggests he use this technology to try it out. The project begins...

  • summer 2020: first sketches, first 3D

    The project started with putting our ideas on paper. We gave free rein to our creativity while knowing that 3D printing offered us great freedom in design. We therefore incorporated essential elements into Paul's practice such as portability, ease of adjustment, installation and disassembly.

  • fall 2020: start of prototyping

    We opted for a scalable mirror support, which can expand from 150 to 250mm aperture, as well as a telescopic system allowing the focal length to be adapted to the characteristics of each mirror. The first pieces came out and started to come together.

  • spring 2021: Protection of the invention

    Our progress in creating the first prototype made us realize that it was possible to develop a telescope that could be scaled in terms of aperture and focal length. We knew that our solution had no equivalent on the market and we therefore decided to protect our innovation by patenting it.

  • fall 2021: completion of proto 1

    After a year of research and development in our garage, we finalized the design of the first prototype. This allows us to validate its overall functioning and identify areas for improvement.

  • winter 2021: Sevun joins Transtech

    Building on our technical developments, we are seeking to accelerate our development. We have joined the Transtech association which supports inventors in their intellectual protection strategy and in the structuring of their industrial project.

  • spring 2022: Sevun joins UNITEC

    We integrate the Unitec incubator which offers solid experience in supporting startups, as well as personalized support, advice and a network of experts to help the company structure its project and facilitate access to financing. and accelerate our development.

  • summer 2022: design of the V2 prototype

    During the summer of 2022, we suffered the loss of the first prototype, providing an opportunity to improve our concept and try new ideas. Damien took over the plans to make the telescope more rigid and easily transportable. On this basis, pre-industrial development was launched.

  • fall 2022: creation of the company

    Sevun leaves “project” mode and becomes a company that welcomes its first investors and subsidies.

  • winter 2022-spring 2023: pre-industrial development: design/BDE

    It now becomes necessary to design a telescope that Sevun will be able to present and have tested in the field with passionate astronomers. We worked with the Garrigos Design agency and the mechanical design office InnoProduct to design a Sevunscope that is functional, practical, durable and elegant.

  • July 2023: Construction of the demonstrator

    The first stage of design and construction is crucial to ensure the smooth running of the project. In this context, it is essential to take the time necessary to assemble the demonstrator parts accurately, ensuring that all required adjustments are made. This helps ensure that the initial Sevunscope functions properly, laying the foundation for successful further development.

  • August 2023: Demonstrations in real conditions

    In August, we held a series of Sevunscope demonstrations at various astronomical events. These meetings involved clubs, the general public and optical professionals, with the aim of collecting their first impressions. This period was also used to carry out in-depth technical tests. These activities had two main benefits: the validation of most of our technical choices and the identification of areas where improvements will be necessary for future developments.

  • October 5, 2023: KickStarter launch

    We are launching our crowdfunding on the Kickstarter platform. From October 5 to November 9, contribute to our campaign to help us finalize our developments and launch the industrialization of this unique project. Many rewards are planned for this occasion.

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